At UWM, The dynamism at your service

1 Vessel security by National Armed guards
2 Escort Vessel at High Risk Area
3 Maritime Security Liaison Officer (MSLO) provider
4 Local Liaison Officer
5 Hiring Service Boat onshore/Offshore
1 Owner Protective Agency at Anchorage & Berth
2 Full ship’s agency for all types vessels at Anchorage & Berth
3 Ship to Ship (STS) Operations Coordination
4 Crew change onshore/offshore
5 Cash To Master, Medical Assistance services
1 Fresh Water supply
2 Lubricant Supply
3 Freight & ship’s mail deliveries on Board
4 Spare parts & Provisions supplies
5 Bunker samples handling
6 Garbage Removal
7 Sludge & Slop Removal
1 Hiring of Speed boat (cover boat) for crew change
2 Hiring of launch (opened boat) for deliveries
3 Hiring of Tug boat
4 Equipment Supplies & Storage (Fenders, Hose Hiring, Crane, Forklift and Compressor Hire, Internationally sourced stock of mooring ropes and tails…)

Rue ISM ADONAI, At the corner of the fourth road on the right

06 P. BOX 62215 Lome-Togo

Contact: (00228) 23 20 33 12

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